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Midwest Transmission Center Performance Catalogs

Midwest Transmission Center was formed in 1996 to provide an answer to a need in the standard transmission industry. The need arose to have a high-quality full-line (foreign, domestic, 4x4, 4x2, FWD and RWD) remanufacturer that both remanufactures complete units and also researches and develops new products for the remanufacturing industry. With the addition of our new facility and the on-going need to set the standard in the manual transmission industry, MTC added state-of-the-art bar coding to all parts and units to track assemblies for immediate location in the remanufacturing process. It also provides true bill of material listings on each and every unit built to further enhance warranty information, recovery and product failure analysis. MTC also offers a full line of new and used parts and in some cases remanufactured parts also. We ship worldwide with over 8 major shipping companies and use state-of-the-art shipping procedures. We are currently working with OEM manufacturers on developing new transmission assemblies, testing, design and application analysis. Gear certification is also available to the aftermarket industry. New product design and redesigned existing gearing is available through our engineering department.